The Midwife puts the CARE back into maternity care! 

If maternity care defines what is being provided - health care for pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period; then midwifery care describes how care is provided.  Midwives provide a whole-hearted and holistic approach to pregnancy and birth with the belief that every pregnant woman wants and deserves a healthy, full-term baby in her arms.

It is the quality of care that makes the difference when you choose to work with me.  Our time together is your time, completely focused on you and your baby, on preparing for birth and the journey of mothering beyond. This enhanced level of personalized care invites each woman to be an active participant in the care that leads to a safe and sensitive home birth.  READ MORE ABOUT MIDWIFERY CARE

You will love the Home Birth difference! 

Quite simply, home birth is better than you can imagine!

Yes! I bring all the necessary equipment and supplies to respond to the varied needs of labor and birth.  I also bring 9 years of experience caring for women during spontaneous, physiologic birth - that is the fancy way of saying unmedicated "natural" childbirth.  This means that I have seen how strong women and babies are, how well birth works, and learned what techniques work best to ease labor and support the birthing woman. It is your baby's birth day and all that I do is in service to you and your baby's health and safety. 

It is in the first hours after your baby's birth that home birth really shines. Imagine that your healthy, full term baby is now in your arms, and rather than the nurse taking your baby away from you, there is a pause.  You gently take your baby in - first with your eyes, and then touching every soft, perfect part. Meanwhile, your baby is able to gently unfold into this new world of sound, light and touch, opening his or her eyes, eventually seeking your breast for the first time.  This uninterrupted time is called the Golden Hour, and has been shown to increase mother-baby bonding and lay the foundation for healthy attachment and transition into mothering and family life.

When you choose midwifery care for home birth, you can trust that you and your baby will be surrounded by care that is both sensitive and safe. READ MORE ABOUT SAFE AND SENSITIVE CARE


Schedule a Free Initial Consultation Now!

Whether you are already pregnant and searching for personalized care, or planning a pregnancy,  I am happy to schedule a free initial consultation with you and your partner.  This first meeting allows us to get to know each other, answer all of your questions and to determine if home birth is a good fit for you.  Truly, it is a wonderful way to explore your options and really understand that home birth is a great choice for the majority of low-risk women experiencing healthy pregnancies.

Or, join me for a monthly presentation,  An Introduction to Home Birth, on the 3rd Tuesday of every month.  The Calendar has a complete list of upcoming classes and events.  Check back often.

Get the Maternity Care You Deserve!

Home birth with an experienced midwife brings the best of the birth center to you in the comfort of your own home. 

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Home Birth with a Midwife brings health, safety and peace to mother and baby.

Women and Babies love Midwifery Care! 

Call Now to Schedule a Free Initial Consultation

A free hour long interview allows you and your partner to have all of your questions answered, and determine if home birth is a good fit. It is a wonderful way to determine if home birth is a good fit.


 Late Registrations are Welcome

Healthy women who realize later in pregnancy that they would prefer to move around freely in labor - without being tied to a bed, IV line or machine, while still receiving the highest level of maternity care are welcome to transfer care. We may schedule extra visits to support preparations for a gentle uncomplicated physiologic birth.

It is never too late to make choices that support the deepest health of yourself and your baby. 

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Attending home births throughout the beautiful San Luis Valley, including Creede, South Fork, Del Norte, Monte Vista, Center, Alamosa, La Jara, Sanford, Antonito, San Luis and points in between, as well as in the neighboring communities of Salida and Pagosa Springs.

Your Body. 

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 Your Birth.